Reimagine Reinvent ERP

  • to imagine again or anew; especially : to form a new conception of
  • to make as if for the first time something already invented
  • to remake or redo completely
  • to bring into use again

Announcing: FBVA - Business Value Assessment

5.Feb.2019: Through February 28, 2019 RRE Technology Company is offering a free promotional Business Value Assessment. Please contact us at 877-892-4901 ext. 4910 to find out the details and if your company qualifies.

Don't forget your ERP Investment

Oracle JDE Roadmap as of: 12/18/18

Upgrade JDE EnterpriseOne Release 9.2

There have never been better reasons to upgrade to 9.2 than Oracle's commitment to on-premise and premiere support through at least 2030. This is not an end date for the software but the current projection for premiere support. The support date is reviewed regularly by Oracle and updated.

ERP to the Cloud

There are choices as to how cloud is implemented.

No matter what size your company, no matter what software your company uses, RRE Technology was founded on the principle that there is an affordable ERP solution for every company.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner providing the expertise a company doesn't necessarily require on staff on a regular basis. Whether your requirement is a small development project, a technical or functional upgrade, a lift and move to the cloud for JDE or the implementation of a new ERP system, RRE Technology is available to advise you of all your options and then assist in execution of the solution.

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